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Building for the future begins today

We have a vision and understanding of where technology is heading.  How the changes can impact your life, your family, your business and personal property.

mobile connection

*Phones  *Tablets *Laptops

Alchemist Workshop LLC will help you manage your connections at home, at work and when traveling.  Stay informed!  Have access to your company today or your personal files and pictures, anywhere.

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*Accounting  *Technology

*Human Resources  

*Disaster Recovery *Security

We have  experience on a corporate level to help manage your business data.  Troubleshooting technical issues is our strong-point. 

“Our vision is to integrate technology with the person, allowing freedom and efficiency for individual and enterprise endeavors. ”

Darrell M. greene

Alchemist Workshop LLC

...and business use of computers, mobile phones, and networks.   We will grow as a company by increasing the knowledge and skill of our employees, who will in turn assist our customers in growth by creating a tech forward solution for your needs.


*Connect all your devices in a Home network  *Windows  *Apple  *Android/Google
Technology can be overwhelming sometimes.  Let Alchemist Workshop LLC ste up your devices in a home network.  From your printer to tablet to sound system.  


It is the Mission of Alchemist workshop llc to resolve technical issues in personal...